How Does it Work?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid compound that the hemp plant naturally produces. THC is also a cannabinoid compound, but unlike THC, CBD won't get you 'high' or 'stoned'. When you ingest, inhale, vaporize or topically apply CBD it binds to your body's natural cannabinoid receptors- That's right! Your body already produces its own cannabinoids so CBD is a natural, safe and effective way to build up the natural processes of your body to establish and maintain a feeling of wellness in your overall being. 

How Do I Use It?

CBD use is a personal practice and recommendations vary for method of delivery and doses. We reccomend you do a quick and easy consultation with one of our profressionals over the phone or in person to determine the best form of delivery and dose for your unique needs and goals. However there is some helpful information we can provide when you are trying to determine how CBD and other cannabinoids can help you and how to get started. 


Method of Delivery 

CBD can be ingested orally, sublingually and via suppository. It can be inhaled or vaporized as well as applied topically. While there are many different ways to use CBD we feel the safest, most convenient and effective ways to use CBD are topically and orally. How you use CBD and find relief may depend on what you are using the product for and how your body responds to the different methods of delivery as well as personal preference. Our products come in the form of CBD oil tinctures, sprays, capsules, rollers, bath-bombs, salves & creams. Here at the Hive we see the best results when clients use our products topically and orally which allows the medicine to work from the inside-out and the outside-in. 

Sublingual & Oral Administration with CBD Oil Tincures, Sprays & Time Release Capsules

Sublingual administration of our CBD tincture involves placing drops of oil under your tongue, letting the oil sit for as long as you can so that the oil gets absorbed through your sublingual tissues where it can then enter your bloodstream and get immediately transferred to your tissues. This is a shortcut to digestion which is the route you take when you take CBD orally by just swallowing the oil or capsules. Many of our cients find the quickest absorption to be sublingual administration with one of our tinctures or sprays. 

On the other hand, some clients benefit more from taking our products orally. When proucts are taken orally they move through your digestive tract and enter the bloodstream via the liver. Although studies are unclear still, many believe that those with digestion issues, or liver issues may benefit from oral administration even though that is not where quickest absorbption takes place. Our tinctures and sprays are suspended with quality MCT oil which has many healing properties all on its own when ingested. 

The time release capsules are not as quick-acting but last longer than the tinctures as they release over an extended period of time. These can be used for a variety of issues, the the most popular being for sleep and pain management. 

Topical Administration with Salves, Creams, Bath-Bombs, Rollers and Sprays

Your skin is your largest organ and applying CBD to your body has many benefits. When using anything topically you want to make sure there are quality, healing ingredients. Here at the Beehive we do not sue any harsh chemicals, oils, additives, preservatives or fillers in our products. Our product ingredient lists are short, nutritious and all start with love. 

You can apply CBD topically via our salve, cream, massage oil, roll-on or spray.  You can lather your whole body or apply to certain areas to relieve pain, soreness or inflammation. It is an amazing aide for recovery from injuries or after surgery and works well for athletes during training as a pre/post work-out regime.

Topical application is also a desireable method of delivery for those suffering with skin ailments. Applying CBD topically also helps keep skin healthy and glowing. One of our favorite beauty tips: Apply our facial cream around the eyes and corners of lips before bed!

If you are looking for a very effective and quick absorption our Bath Bombs are a crowd-pleaser. They give you the ability to use CBD topically in a very unique way. In this product we epsom salt which has many healing qualities of its own. Epsom salt has two components, magnesium & sulfate (sulfur) which are both essential for health.

Magnesium is a cofactor involved in more than 300 enzymatic processes, including protein and DNA synthesis, the regulation of blood pressure and serum glucose levels, and supporting the body's detoxification routes. Magnesium is also required for the uptake of calcium and potassium which are both necessary to regulate nerve, muscle and heart function. 

sulfate is involved in several biological functions as well, especially in the gut. Sulfate is integral in the release of protease, lipase and amylase which are pancreatic enzymes needed to digest food. It is needed to form specialized proteins in certain cells that line and lubricate your intestinal tract which prevent intestinal bacteria from leaking into the bloodstream. It is also required for the prenatal development of brain tissue. 

Pair that powerful duo with CBD and our handcrafted essential oil blends and meet PURE BLISS.