How much CBD is in each dropper?

MG divided by Servings (Ex: 125mg/30 servings-1 dropper=4mg)

Is CBD legal?

Yes, in most states. As of 2019, CBD derived from hemp is legal nationwide at the federal level. It’s legality depends on a number of different factors and conditions.

How much should I be taking?

Each individual is different. There are many variables that could impact the way of body responses to different doses. We encourage to start with the minimal suggested dosage, 8mg, and gradually increase until you achieve your desired results. (* You might find it useful to keep a journal of your daily experiences to help you find what works best for you.*)

Will I be able to pass a drug test if I use these products?

Dependent on the employer. Most employment drug test screen for Cannabis, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) not CBD

What makes your different than the other brands?

Our products our suspended with high quality carriers like MCT. We use no additives, polysorbates, fillers or preservatives. Our products are pet friendly, vegan and gluten free. They are made in an osha certified lab by chemists and third party quality tested by an outside and independent party.

Where do you ship?


Do I pay shipping and how long will it take for me to get my products?

Shipping is FREE for U.S. Postage. Prices vary for international. You may also opt for home delivery from a local bee if you are in our area.

Are there side effects when using CBD?

The side effects are considered minimal overall. They may include upset stomach or drowsiness. Both CBD and THC have significant therapeutic attributes unlike THC, CBD does not make someone feel ‘stoned’ or ‘high’. CBD and THC act in different ways on different receptors in the brain and body.

Is CBD safe for kids?

Studies have shown there is no harm in taking CBD, and it’s been found to be safe for children & pets. This is personal preference. If you are concerned you can ask your medical professional.

How much CBD should children/animals ingest?

There could be many variables that determine dosage, including levels of pain, symptoms, previous diagnoses, ect. The recommended dosage is 1-5mg for every 10lbs of body weight

How long will it take to kick in?

Depending on the dose, it can take anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours before you feel it’s effects.

Should I take it on an empty stomach or with food?

Taking with food can delay peak cannabinoid concentration in the blood by a couple of hours. It is best 30 minutes before food and taken Sublingually

How do I take the oil?

Sublingual or topical application is the quickest method for absorption. Place drops under your tongue and hold for 60 seconds, then swallow. This allows it to enter the mucus membrane in the mouth. There are many capillaries under the tongue that transfer it straight to the blood stream. You can also apply topicals to a specific area.