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Cacao Breath
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Cacao Breath
_/\_This beautiful class is designed to help you connect with your divine source through; opening up the body and energy systems, attaining a higher state through breathing practices and the centering the awareness and becoming still to sit in the divine awareness. And chocolate

_/\_Location: beehive buds in sandy
9329 s 1300 e sandy

_/\_Exchange: $20 Venmo @cacaobreath OR ***$15 each with group of 2 or more***
***venmo before event to rsvp***

_/\_What to bring
*yoga mat, water, pillow, blanket, sweater 

_/\_The Practice
* Introductions and intention share
* Drink maya-cacao blend
*short chat on cacao while drinking chocolate
* 5 tibetan rites
*kundalini yoga
*guided meditation

_/\_Mayacacao blend
*Maya Cacao has many health benefits, but most relevant here is its athletic optimization: pure chocolate and maya-nut are both nutrient-dense superfoods. Cacao is a vasodilator and increases blood flow and nitric oxide through the peripheral nervous system. Cacao also increases tissue oxygenation by 2x. This effect pairs wonderfully with the breath practices.
*Because Maya nut and cacao grow in the same ecosystem, they are naturally synergistic. The Maya nut tree is the tallest tree in the rainforest (60-80ft) and provides shade and foundation for the understory cacao tree to grow. When consumed together, the Maya nut provides a stabilizing foundation for the cacao to expand from. I have received much feedback saying that this blend takes peoples chocolate experience to a new level. 
*More info on mayacacao can be found on my website cacaobreath.com
Price: $25.00
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