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Sophia Circle Journey ~ 13 week adventure 11.3.2023
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Sophia Circle Journey ~ 13 week adventure 11.3.2023

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery and empowerment? Join us in person at Beehive Buds Wellness Center for an extraordinary 13-week adventure that begins on November 3rd at 7 pm. This journey will lead you through the profound wisdom of The Sophia Code®.


🌟 Activate Your Higher Self Embodiment 🌟


Discover the depths of your inner wisdom and awaken your highest potential as you delve into this life-changing 13-Week Sophia Circle Journey®. The Sophia Code® serves as a modern Mystery School blueprint, guiding you on a path to embrace your sovereign divinity through the heart of Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness.


🌺 What is The Sophia Code®? 🌺


The Sophia Code® is a living transmission and sacred text, offering you a direct connection to the Divine Feminine Ascended Masters. These Keycode mentors have walked the same heroic human journey that you're on right now. Through their guidance and mentorship, you'll realize how attainable it is to live in your highest divine potential every single day.


🌠 Why Choose The Sophia Code® Journey? 🌠


✨ Transformation: Immerse yourself in the wisdom of The Sophia Code®, experiencing profound personal growth and spiritual evolution.


✨ Community: Connect with like-minded souls on a shared journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


✨ Mentorship: Receive guidance from Divine Feminine Ascended Masters who have mastered the path you are on.


✨ Empowerment: Unlock your inner strength and embrace your divine potential in every aspect of your life.


Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to embark on a life-altering journey. Join us at Beehive Buds Wellness Center in Sandy, Utah, for Sophia Circles, starting on October 13th at 7 pm. Embrace the wisdom of The Sophia Code® and step into your highest divine potential.


🌟 Set up an exploratory call today! 🌟


Visit https://www.thecosmichealer.com/sophia-circles for more information and to set up your exploratory call for this sacred journey. Your transformation begins here.


Activate Your Higher Self. Embrace Your Divine Potential. Join Sophia Circles at Beehive Buds Wellness Center in Sandy, Utah, today! 🌟


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When: Friday November 3rd, 2023 || 7:00-9:30 PM || 
Where : 9329 S 1300 E Sandy UT 84094
Cost : $572

Price: $572.00
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