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Tarot, Hapé & Cacao
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Tarot, Hapé & Cacao
 Join us for an evening of intentions, divination & community! 
✨Cacao Ceremony 
✨Intention Circle
✨Introduction to Divination 
✨Subtle Energy & Journaling  
✨Tarot & Intuition 
✨Hapé Ceremony 
✨Sound Bath 
What is divination? Divination is the practice of learning to interpret or seek knowledge of the hidden, unknown, or unseen by supernatural means. 
There are messages all around us that can provide us with insight, clarity, perspective and validation on our journey. Tarot & Oracle cards are just one way we can begin to tap into these subtle energies & messages and begin gaining insights that help to bring us closer to ourselves, align our being and intentions. This act opens up the potential to manifest our dreams consciously as we practice consciously seeing the hidden corners, shadows or blind-spots in ourselves and our realities. 
Price: $20.00
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